Responding to Academic Dishonesty During COVID and Beyond:

Why and how to use a developmental approach

As important as COVID was in shining the spotlight on academic integrity – for online proctoring, it is quickly becoming even larger than academia alone.

Read our recent whitepaper to learn the benefits of using a developmental approach for protecting academic integrity including:

Adjusting to remote learning

What can we do to help students adjust and still protect academic integrity?

Prevent cheating while empowering students

Rather than a simplistic punitive approach to academic dishonesty, we’ll discuss Dr. Bertram Gallant’s work around a developmental approach that gets to the bottom of why students cheat and then uses the information to help students not cheat.

Using a human approach to online proctoring

Helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” compiled for maintaining the humanity in learning that’s good for the institution and for students.

See Honorlock in Action

We offer demos to institutions, faculty, and students so you can get to know our software a little bit better. Each demo allows you to experience of the features you’ll be using in the classroom. Once you sign up via email, one of our sales reps will get in touch to walk you through the Honorlock system via video conference. After the demo, you’ll have a chance to experiment with the tools yourself and see how easily it integrates into your LMS.



Online Proctoring Services for Universities and Colleges

Learner demand is changing the face of online proctored exams. Schools are increasing learner populations while simultaneously navigating new academic testing challenges. Universities must balance providing convenience for students with maintaining the security of their programs.Our mission is more than catching cheating and we’re reinventing the online exam experience for students and faculty. We deliver a better way to protect exam integrity with online proctoring that’s good for your institution and your students. You grow your online and on-campus programs while we protect your school’s good name.

Trusted by Institutional Leaders of All Sizes

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Always-on dedicated support staff for students and faculty available via phone, live chat, and email.

LMS Integration

Proctoring that seamlessly integrates with popular Learning Management Systems. Plug and play installation.

On Demand

Student’s busy schedules just got a bit easier. We offer proctored exams on-demand, at any time day or night.

Third-Party Integration

Seamlessly proctor exams outside of your LMS to ensure academic integrity is upheld.