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When the pandemic hit, Polk State College needed to move more than 16,000 students to online courses.

This rapid shift to online learning highlighted two needs:  

  1. The ability to protect academic integrity and prevent exam cheating
  2. A NEW online proctoring solution

“The tool we were using before the switch to Honorlock proctoring was rather clunky and cumbersome. It was difficult for students to use. It was expensive and faculty were ready for a change,” said Cody Moyer, Director of Learning Technology at Polk State College.

Moyer created a team of faculty and staff that support online learning, and they began evaluating online proctoring companies with several criteria at the forefront:

  • Cost-effectiveness & scalability
  • Ease of use for students & faculty
  • Direct LMS integration with Canvas
  • Quick & simple ID verification

“We looked at all of those factors for several different vendors, and we came to the decision that Honorlock was the best solution because of the innovative technology they use, the data privacy and security that they ensure, and the cost-effectiveness,” Moyer said.

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