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Honorlock Booth #204 at TXDLA

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March 22-24 in Fort Worth, TX

TXDLA 2020

Through the Looking Glass a Wonderland of Innovation

In a world where students and faculty are excited about technology, we will travel down a path of discovering a whole new universe of creative advancements in technology. The theme for the 2020 TxDLA Conference is “Through the Looking Glass, A Wonderland of Innovation.” Students are using technology in every aspect of their lives and faculty are developing new and innovative methods to engage their students, so we want to push the boundaries and explore new ways to engage students using technology.

We will focus on viewing innovation through the lens of the student, faculty, and partnerships. We want to encourage faculty by demonstrating the possibilities of technological advancement. We want to partner with corporations, government, non-profits, and museums to give glimpses into what innovation they are discovering. And, we want to assist our K-12 partners with innovative technology resources as they are striving for excellence in supporting their constituents.

We live in a wonderland where technology and innovation are key – they take our classrooms to a new level for students as they prepare for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Join us in exploring new technology and changing education, professional development, and training for the better.