Make online proctoring simple, easy, and human.

Let us show you how Honorlock can help you bring integrity, humanity, confidence and positive outcomes to online exams.

Honorlock’s remote proctoring software can help you:
  • Protect exam integrity using AI + live human proctors
  • Save faculty time with seamless LMS integration and actionable reporting
  • Provide flexibility for students to test at their point of readiness
  • Manage your budget with flat-rate enterprise pricing

Honorlock online proctoring customer

“The features Honorlock had to offer blew everyone else out of the water…With Honorlock, more faculty began to proctor their online exams. They saw that it worked and now they all use it and have faith in it.”
-Cody Moyer, M.Ed., Director of Learning Technology, Polk State College

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How It Works

1. Pre-test Checklist

We’ll walk you through the pre-test checklist. You’ll get to see how our proctors have students do a scan of the room to ensure that they aren’t accessing any external resources and how they verify students’ identities by taking a picture of them and their photo ID.

2. Start the Demo Exam

This will be an opportunity for you to experience what Honorlock is like from the student’s point of view. During the exam, you’ll get to see our security features and how our system intervenes if a student tries to open a new tab, a new browser window, a third-party application, or a phone or tablet to try to look up a test question. Any of these actions will trigger a live pop in from a proctor. When that happens for a student during an exam, the proctor will hopefully be able to intervene before any cheating has taken place. If so, or if the live pop in was triggered in error, the proctor will help the student get back on track with the exam.

3. See the Program

If you’re an instructor, we’ll also give you an opportunity to see what it’s like to build your exam with Honorlock. You’ll get to see the program you’ll use and just how easy it is to set up an assessment. You’ll also have a chance to take a look at the various settings you can toggle off and on (for example, blocking copy, paste, and print to protect your test content).

4. Review Sample Test

We’ll also send instructors a sample test report to review. This will include a rundown of any incidents as well as an exam session recording. The report will have time stamps for any incidents, and you’ll be able to use those to view any flagged sections of the video and determine whether the student violated the testing guidelines.

See Honorlock in Action

We offer demos to institutions, faculty, and students so you can get to know our software a little bit better. Each demo allows you to experience of the features you’ll be using in the classroom. Once you sign up via email, one of our sales reps will get in touch to walk you through the Honorlock system via video conference. After the demo, you’ll have a chance to experiment with the tools yourself and see how easily it integrates into your LMS.

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