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Honorlock Awarded Instructure Collective Credential for “Partner in Privacy and Security”-old

BOCA RATON, Fla. (March 29, 2022)Honorlock was awarded the credential for “Partner in Privacy and Security” as part of Instructure’s EdTech Collective program

This credential is only awarded to those who “received top-notch privacy and security ratings” for protecting student data after receiving a passing score from OneTrust, a category-defining enterprise platform used to operationalize trust, security, privacy, and data governance.

The program was recently launched as a way to align Canvas Community members and partners together on initiatives that are most important to educators and higher ed leaders today.

Security and data privacy are incredibly important to students, faculty, institutions, and to us at Honorlock. Here’s a quick look at key elements of our commitment to privacy and security.

We take a security-first approach with our process and people
Security is a foundational element of everything we do at Honorlock. We know that it’s much more effective to address security issues in the design phase of any system. We’re constantly working to integrate security earlier into the requirement and design process. We also conduct ongoing, frequent security and privacy training for employees.

We never sell or monetize your data
Honorlock will never sell or monetize your data with third parties. The institution owns the data and retention is governed by the MSA.

We treat your data like we would want our data to be treated
Before onboarding a new vendor or sub-service organization that has access to confidential data, Honorlock performs an extensive vendor assessment to ensure that each vendor passes our security, data, and privacy requirements. 

We prepare for the unexpected
We have Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity plans that we test annually. We also operate our infrastructure in multiple availability zones, which increases our resiliency to downtime.

Your data is encrypted
Honorlock utilizes Amazon Web Services for our secure hosting needs. Amazon’s data centers are SOC 3 certified and exercise some of the most stringent physical security in the industry. 

Honorlock is a supporting member of Instructure’s EdTech Collective program and will continue to seek out other credentials that show our commitment to privacy, academic integrity, and student success.

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