Honorlock Booth 214;

Highlighted Session: Friday, August 9th, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

10A: Getting to There From Here: Planning a Positive and Smooth Transition

Presenters: Kimberly Bright, University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Americo Stellato, Honorlock

Track: Test Center Management

Switching remote online proctoring systems can be frustrating to testing office staff, IT Services, Faculty and Students. Preparing the way for the transition can ease the challenges faced when making a major change by: 1) Getting buy-in from Testing Services staff. Give the staff a demo. 2) Coordinating with IT Services to ensure that the new proposed system will integrate well with existing online platforms. 3) Demos for faculty that allow for thoughtful questions and answers and express their opinions. 4) Pilot for faculty and students to play with new system. 5) Training, training, training. 6) Open communication between company and faculty. 7) Excellent support from remote proctoring company. All the above help make the transition smooth and beneficial to all involved. Change can be difficult for all of us, but following these steps helps to ensure minimal mishaps.