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Learn more about how Honorlock can add value to your corporate training programs, professional certifications, and pre-employment assessments.

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What causes student test anxiety

How schools and proctoring services can reduce anxiety

The ways instructors can better support student success

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Expand & scale certification programs 
Decrease the overhead costs of certification testing and expand the reach of your corporate programs

Protect your online certification exams
Honorlock’s online proctoring software provides an additional layer of test protection that can help deter test-takers from sharing your proprietary certification content.

Mitigate organizational risk
Uphold the integrity of your high-risk training exams by holding your employees accountable for learning and applying course content.

Confidently identify skill gaps
Identify opportunities for employee professional development by validating assessment results.

Offer convenience & support
With Honorlock’s on-demand proctoring solution, employees can fit training into their work schedules when it’s most convenient 
for them.

Make smarter hiring decisions
Help ensure candidates are accurately representing their skill sets by proctoring your pre-employment assessments with 

Online proctoring for corporations 

Honorlock gives businesses and organizations the ability to proctor certification exams, corporate training, and pre-employment assessments.

What's included:

  • Why the workforce is changing (besides COVID)
  • How can organizations meet the demands of job seekers?
  • Tips to overcome recruiting challenges in 2022
  • Best practices to increase employee retention
  • How to create employee training programs and assess skills