Kansas Board of Regents Partners With Honorlock To Provide Online Proctoring Solution

This partnership provides the seven public universities and 26 public community and technical colleges in Kansas with the ability to partner with Honorlock as a preferred online proctoring solution.

The Honorlock partnership provides a unique, pre-negotiated agreement that will allow Kansas public institutions to easily implement exam proctoring in response to the ongoing transition to online learning models.

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Kansas Board of Regents Honorlock Partnership

Online Proctoring for Kansas State Institutions

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Why is Honorlock The Preferred Proctoring Solution? 

Honorlock is one of the most sophisticated online proctoring tools available. Its software goes beyond a standard browser lockdown to focus on the student experience and student success. Honorlock’s Live Pop-in™ technology combines the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) with live remote proctors to help protect online exams, reduce student test anxiety, and empower students and faculty.

Our mission is much bigger than simply catching students cheating on online exams. We know there’s a better way to protect exam integrity while still supporting students. One where what’s good for the institution is also good for every student. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making the technical online proctoring experience simple, easy, and human. 

Exclusive Proctoring Features as Unique as Your Exams

Search for Illicit
Exam Content

Our proprietary test bank removal technology searches the internet for leaked test content and gives instructors simple steps to take control.

Cell Phones

Our AI can detect when students try to use their cell phones to access test bank content during the proctored exam.

Combine AI and Live
Remote Proctors

The first automated proctoring service that will prompt a live proctor to “Pop-in” to a student’s session if it detects academic dishonesty.

Voice Detection

Auto proctoring software listens for keywords such as, “Hey Siri,” to identify possible academic dishonesty and alerts a live proctor to intervene.