Integrating with Honorlock's Online Proctoring Platform

What to Expect

Honorlock is developing a set of tools that will make it easy for you to integrate with our remote proctoring platform. Your developers can expect the same ease of use they experience with Stripe integration.

Implementing Exam Management

  • Customers already leveraging industry standard LTI 1.3 can easily integrate Honorlock into their exam management platform. Honorlock is LTI 1.3 compliant and we will provide detailed LTI 1.3 installation instructions.
  • For customers who do not currently have an existing LTI 1.3 integration, Honorlock offers a custom Exam Admin Widget. Drop it anywhere on your site to manage exams, proctoring settings, and view proctoring results. From the server side, you would generate an access token that can be passed up to an embeddable script so that the widget authorizes and displays the learning module.

Implementing Student Experience

The second set of integration steps is the Student Experience and it will leverage the Honorlock SDK and the Client Javascript Library. The SDK and Javascript Library will work together to drive the Honorlock Chrome Extension installation, participant & session record creation, Honorlock authentication & setup, and in-exam functions.

Honorlock Integration Toolkit

Here's what you can expect to receive in your developer toolkit to assist you in integrating with Honorlock.

Exam Management

  • LTI 1.3 or Exam Admin Widget Installation Instructions

Student Experience

  • Honorlock SDK (or interact with the API directly)
  • Honorlock Client Javascript Library

Honorlock Features

Honorlock’s plug-and-play integration empowers administrators to manage proctoring settings, find and take action in response to leaked test content, quickly and easily review and analyze test-taker results.

Image of Honorlock's plug-and-play integration that empowers administrators to manage proctoring settings

Manage Exam Settings

Honorlock makes it easy for administrators to pick and choose from different proctoring options on an exam-by-exam basis, including webcam, disable printing, record screen, browser lock, room scan, and more.

Search & Destroy

Test banks and braindump sites make finding and sharing test questions easy. Honorlock’s  proctoring software allows administrators to conduct searches for leaked content, displays our findings, and enables you to request the removal of the material by filing DMCA copyright takedown notices or rewriting the questions at risk.

View Exam Taker Results

Administrators can sort, filter, search for specific exam takers, view webcam footage, and analyze exam sessions. To increase the efficiency of the exam review process, Honorlock tags Critical Sessions. This enables administrators to quickly identify if a test-taker violated exam guidelines and to prioritize the review of that session.

Review Exam Taker Sessions

Both the exam taker’s webcam footage and screenshare recordings can be reviewed and analyzed within the Exam Admin Widget. Additionally, administrators can navigate through the list of violations to view specific points of interest notated throughout the exam takers session.

Exam Summary Report

Detailed reports are also available to each administrator as exams are completed. Honorlock Exam Summary Reports will note any incidents and will include a timestamp for the test session recording so that you can review it yourself and determine whether you need to address it.

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