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Honorlock Allows Instructors To:

  • Proctor online exams with AI and live proctors
  • Detect the use of cell phones and other devices
  • Protect exam content from unauthorized use on the internet
  • Customize exams based on accessibility needs and
 whitelisting sites
  • Monitor performance with real-time reporting

Online Proctoring Whenever, Wherever

Students benefit from 24/7 scheduling of online exams whenever and wherever they choose. A lightweight browser plugin manages both exam registrations and proctoring events while Honorlock’s advanced AI platform handles the rest.

  • ”With Honorlock, all of the challenges with our previous proctoring solution are non-existent. My team doesn’t get complaints from faculty that students couldn’t test because the proctoring platform was broken. And we don’t get Support calls because Honorlock provides amazing support.”
    Juliette Mersiowsky, PhD
    Director, Distance Education and Digital Education Collaborative, Longwood University
  • SPC
    "Some departments outright required proctoring. Honorlock was the single best solution.​"
    Christopher Harvey, MBA
    Executive Director of Academic Technology, St. Petersburg College
  • "We knew when our testing center was no longer available that Honorlock would be the answer to our proctoring needs. In addition to its unmatched technology and ease of use, the option to pay by the student and not by the exam gave us the ability to proctor a large number of students at an affordable cost."
    Ken Craver
    Director of Distance Education, Tyler Junior College

Trusted by Institutional Leaders of All Sizes

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Always-on dedicated support staff for students and faculty available via phone, live chat, and email.

LMS Integration

Proctoring that seamlessly integrates with popular Learning Management Systems. Plug and play installation.

On Demand

Student’s busy schedules just got a bit easier. We offer proctored exams on-demand, at any time day or night.

Third-Party Integration

Seamlessly proctor exams outside of your LMS to ensure academic integrity is upheld.