#1 Leader in Online Proctoring

Block AI. Detect cell phones.
Find leaked test content.

#1 Leader in
Online Proctoring

Block AI. Detect cell phones.
Find leaked test content.

AI + live proctoring & secures browser

Prevents use of ChatGPT & AI Tools

Detects cell phones & other devices

Finds leaked test questions on the internet

Flat-rate cost
per user

No scheduling & 24/7/365 live support

Stats You’ll Care About


Accuracy detecting
academic violations


Reduction in
 review time


Support satisfaction


Seconds support
response time

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Proctored Testing Trusted by Institutional Leaders of All Sizes

Brian Marchman

Assistant Provost & Director of Distance Learning & Continuing Education, University of Florida

"We needed scalability, immediate access, and a seamless integration with our LMS. Assessments can be done differently now instead of taking class time, faculty schedule an assessment window and students choose a time that best suits them."

Jill Simpson, PhD

Assistant Professor and Instructional Designer & Technologist, University of North Alabama

"We evaluated four proctoring solutions and chose Honorlock. Now, 100% of our exams are proctored and we’ve normalized the bell curve by preventing cheating."

Paul Fisher

Associate CIO & Director of the Teaching & Learning Technology Center at Seton Hall University

“Other solutions were not scalable from a cost perspective and Honorlock was one of the easiest implementations I’ve ever done. What sets Honorlock apart is the ability to customize online exams to meet the differing needs of our faculty.”

Combining Live Test Proctors and AI

Honorlock protects academic integrity with AI proctoring software that’s reviewed by humans.

Our AI monitors exam sessions for potential academic dishonesty and alerts a live proctor to join the proctored exam session in real-time if it detects any issues.

This blend of AI and human review delivers a less intimidating and non-invasive proctored experience for the test taker because they aren’t constanly watched.