OLC Session

Why The University Of Florida Implemented Institution-Wide Proctoring


October 25, 2023



OLC Session | October 25th, 2023 at 3:45PM ET

According to EDUCAUSE’s 2023 Higher Education Trend Watch, the “continuation and normalization of hybrid and online learning” is among the top ten trends impacting higher education today. As institutions navigate the continuous shift in the educational landscape, they find themselves asking: Should remote testing options be offered to all students whether in-person, fully online, or hybrid? How would it impact student success and academic integrity?

Join Brian K. Marchman, Ph.D., former University of Florida Assistant Provost for Distance Learning, as he delves into the impact of the pandemic and how it drove UF to expand hybrid learning. Learn about the benefits the university saw in offering online proctoring for the entire student population and how they have leveraged technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Dr. Marchman will share his perspective on the future of learning and the vital role that institutional technology will play in student success.

Webinar speakers

Brian K. Marchman
Former Assistant Provost for Distance Learning at the University of Florida

Brian Marchman, Ph.D., most recently served as the Assistant Provost and Director of UF’s Office of Distance Learning where he provided strategic leadership and oversight for UF’s distance learning unit, the Distance Education Service Center (DESC), UF Flexible Learning, UF Dual Enrollment, and enterprise-wide online proctoring services. Dr. Marchman is currently the Director and Superintendent at UF’s P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School. As a senior administrator at the Florida Virtual School, Dr. Marchman founded the first-of-its-kind, award-winning virtual teaching internship program in collaboration with UF and other Florida universities. He has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at UF and USF and is a Graduate Faculty Scholar at UCF. He was awarded the 2020 FDLA Distance Learning “Visionary Award” for Distinguished Leadership.