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Many colleges and universities have recently changed their plans for reopening on-campus classes or are considering reversals of their reopening plans. The rapid expansion of virtual learning due to COVID-19 has reinforced the need for effective remote learning and online proctoring solutions to improve student success and outcomes. Join us for a free AWS webinar where we will provide an overview of how AI and machine learning are being applied in online learning, and showcase a specific example of a leading solution for virtual proctoring. To support efficacy in online exams and to protect students’ data and privacy, Honorlock has teamed up with AWS to provide an easy-to-use cloud-based remote proctoring solution for effective virtual learning.


Joe Pringle is a Technical Business Development Manager at AWS supporting education customers in their adoption and use of AI and machine learning. Joe’s passion is helping customers unlock new insights and value from data, and he brings 20 years of experience working with public sector organizations in government, the non-profit sector, and academia.




Jose Gonzalez is the Director of Customer Success at Honorlock. He has 5+ years of Customer Success experience in the higher education space. He has a passion for client advocacy, backed with a diverse background in leadership, client onboarding and training, as well as account management.