3-Part Series: Six Sigma & Online Proctoring

In this three-part series, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Six Sigma, how it applies to higher education and streamlines technology implementation, and what it has in common with online proctoring.

We all want to know that we’re doing things in the most efficient way, especially when it comes to improving the educational experience for students and implementing technology.

Part 1: What is Six Sigma and how does it apply to education?

Learn the specifics of Six Sigma and how it applies to education such as streamlining the enrollment process, improving student satisfaction, and developing efficient administrative processes.

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Part 2: Streamline Technology Implementation with Six Sigma

See a real-world example of how Six Sigma can streamline the implementation process of new technology at your institution.

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Part 3: What does online proctoring and Six Sigma have in common?

Online proctoring and Six Sigma have more in common than you think. See how you can define, measure, analyze, improve and control your online exams.

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